Brazi Chsbrd Brz Gar/Asg 8/11.5 OZ [UNFI #39143]

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Certified Gluten-Free. Manufactured in a certified gluten-free facility. Soy free. Snack time. Dinner time. Anytime! About 18 pieces. Grain free. In South America. Brazilian Cheese Bread is an Obsession. My family's secret recipe for this Incredible delicacy has been treasured for generations. It uses the perfect blend of only the finest, hand-picked ingredients - like fresh cheese, eggs and milk - with absolutely nothing artificial. And because it uses tapioca flour. It's naturally gluten-free. Just minutes in the oven creates delicious Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Bread, crispy outside, fluffy inside and delightful enjoyed hot! I am proud to share our recipe with you. Junea Rocha Founder. Keeping it real! Our authentic family recipe with simple wholesome ingredients. Asiago Cheese - Water. Garlic - Milk. Tapioca Flour - Non-GMO oil. Parsley - Eggs. (at)Brazi_Bites. Facebook. TikTok. info(at) Product of USA.