Citrus Magic Air Freshener,Fresh Orange 6/3 Oz [UNFI #13840] T



Non-aerosol. A fresh-picked bunch of sweet, citrusy orange with a zesty punch. Harness the power of nature with Citrus Magic Odor Eliminating Natural Air Fresheners. Spritz the natural, breath-of-fresh-air scents around your home, and rest easy knowing our products are safe (When use properly). Our unique formula utilizes nature's strongest odor eliminators so that pungent odors aren't just covered up, they are eliminated. These sprays are non-aerosols, so there are no propellants, just 100% active ingredients. Instantly notice a cleaner and refreshing atmosphere in the spaces you love. Experience the magic! Quickly freshens. Revitalizing scents. Eliminates odors. Facebook: (at)citrusmagic. Instagram: (at)thecitrusmagic. For more ingredient information visit our website: Try our Citrus Magic Air fresheners for always- on, Long-lasting continuous odor control. Made in the USA.