Cocokind Oil To Milk Cleanser Og 2.9 OZ [UNFI #63518] T



Prebiotic oat cleanser for barrier support and replenished skin. Vegan. Benefits: Prebiotic fermented oat and a unique blend of oils work together to cleanse the skin, support the skin's natural flora, and promote pH balance. carefully formulated for all-skin types, this nourishing oil to milk cleanser can be used daily to remove dirt and makeup. Sustainability documentation on file. Feel on skin: light; medium. How it Smells: chamomile + geranium; light; full. Follow us (at)cocokind. Learn how we calculate carbon emissions & more. Sustainability Facts: Carbon emissions (CO2e) 10.3 g per use. 75 uses/tube. 1 use = 1/4 teaspoon/2 ml. 8.1 g pre manufacturing; 0.3 g production; 1.8 g distribution; 0.1 g end of life. Production: Made with ethical labor; geographic; made in Vermont. Packaging: Tube: Material: 80% sugarcane-derived LPDA; 20% sugarcane-derived HDPE; 100% recyclability. Cap: Material: Virgin HDPE plastic; 0% recyclability. Box: Material: FSC paper with soy ink and water-based coating; 100% recyclability. How to Recycle: Recycle tube & discard. This product is also cruelty-free. FSC: Mix - Packaging from responsible sources. Made in the USA.