Full Circle Tree Bud Recycled Clean Clot 6/2 CT [UNFI #66379] T



Pack of 2. 12 inch x 12 inch. 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm. Soaks up skills in a flash. Use wet, dry or damp. Absorbs 7x their weight to reduce paper towel waste. Safe for you non-toxic. These bad boys pack a mighty punch, acting as tear-free multi-taskers that absorb up to 7 times their weight and can be reused again and again. Sorry, paper towels. There’s a new hero in town. www.fullcirclehome.com. Learn more about our products at www.fullcirclehome.com. Certified B Corporation. Safe for you - non toxic dyes. Earth friendly materials - Made from a unique blend of cotton, polyester & rayon. Up to 95% from post-production recycled fibers. Responsible Living - sustainable choice. Responsibly made in China.