If You Care Wax Paper Unbleach 75 Sq Ft 12/75 SQ FT [UNFI #61978] T



75 ft x 12 in / 23 m x 30 cm. Quality with integrity. Plant based carnauba wax. Ideal for food prep. Freezer safe. No toxic additives. Won't affect taste of food. Those are big promises but you can't have one without the others,. so here's our thinking... Like it or not, we are all intimately connected within our world. Choices we make affect us all, even the choice of paper we use in the kitchen. If you care about your choices, so do we. And when we care, we all benefit. Wax. We've chosen nature's toughest, hardest wax from the Carnauba palm tree, harvesting palm fronds from a tree that lives up to 200 years. This versatile, tough tree grows in marginal soils in an extreme climate. The amazing wax protects the tree from these conditions. The long life of the tree and careful harvesting provides a sustainable resource and stable ecosystem for the people. plants. animals and insects that make the region their home. Chlorine. We use unbleached, totally chlorine free (TCF) paper, eliminating the risk of chlorine residues in our paper or entering the water cycle where it can have harmful long-term ecosystem effects. Paper. Illegal logging accounts for millions of acres of forest loss and untold damage to the wider environment and social cohesion. We use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper that promotes the most rigorous environmental and social standards of stewardship. Lifecycle. Globally, millions of tons of valuable biobased materials go to landfill, where they remain useless and worse, produce greenhouse gasses that accelerate climate change. Composting. Our waxed paper is compostable so it returns organic material to our ecosystem. Micro fauna get a good meal and, produce soil-enriching, life-giving compost that locks up carbon, contributing to soil health, ready for the next generation of life. It all adds up to our circle of life moment. Lovely, thought. If You Care Waxed Paper fulfills the requirements on material characteristics (volatile solids, heavy metals and fluorine) as defined by EN 13432 (2000). NF 151-800 (2015), ASTM D6868 (2017), CAN/BNQ 0017-088 (2010) and ISO 18606 (2013). does also fulfill the 90% disintegration requirement stipulated by EN 13432 (2000). ASTM D6868 (2019) and 15018606 (2013). ifyoucare.com. This is an If You Care product. For more information about our products, visit us at ifyoucare.com. Package made from recycled board. FSC Certified unbleached totally chlorine-free (TCF). Product Lifecycle: Choosing our materials. Wax made from 100% carnauba palm. Paper is unbleached totally chlorine-free (TCF). Paper from FSC-Certified forests. Box made from recycled processed chlorine free (PCF). Supporting Our World: Totally chlorine free (TCF). Purely plant based; no petroleum-based ingredients. Wax made from renewable agricultural source. Compostable. Caring for Your Home: Ideal for food preparation and preservation. Excellent for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, and other foods. Freezer safe (do not use in oven or microwave). Completing the Cycle: Waxed paper must be composted in home or municipal compost bins. Cardboard box should be recycled. After composting If You Care Waxed Paper in a 10% concentration, no residuals are left behind that exert a negative effect on the emergence and growth of barley or cress plants. Product of Finland.