Kiss My Face Sensitve Gel Toothpste 4.5 OZ [UNFI #50136] T



Whitening toothpaste. No artificial colors or flavors. 100% vegan. No fluoride. No artificial sweeteners. No artificial colors. Breath blasting freshness. Protection for sensitive teeth & gems. With tea tree oil, aloe & Iceland Moss. Triclosan & SLS free. Kiss My Face cares about the best possible ingredients for clean, healthy teeth and Breath Blasting Freshness. This fluoride-free formula includes ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, and Echinacea to help reduce sensitivity while preventing tartar build-up in this great tasting, citrus-mint gel. Kiss My Face - because we care. Wholesome personal care products since 1983. Our Recipe: no fluoride; no artificial colors; no artificial flavors; no sls/triclosan; no artificial sweeteners. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Cruelty-free. No animal ingredients. BPA free. Box Eco-Facts: 100% recycled fiber; 35% post consumer waste; eco-friendly inks; please recycle.