Toms Cinnamon Clove Whole Care Toothpast 6/4 OZ [UNFI #15335] T



Gluten free. Vegan. The Original Tom's of Maine. 6 benefits for healthy teeth. 6 Benefits: Fights cavities. Whitens teeth (by removing surface stains). Fight tartar buildup. Freshens breath. Strengthens enamel. Promotes remineralization. at Tom's of Maine, we don't just say good, we do good. our story starts in 1970 when tom and kate had a vision about companies taking action and doing real good: good for you, our planet and our communities. Fifty years later we're doing even more. we make wonderfully-natural products, give back 10% of our profits, and work for real change - like developing the first of its kind recyclable tube! 5% employee time volunteering. Fights tartar buildup with regular brushing. Helps promote remineralization of weakened enamel. Do a little good today. To learn more about our stewardship model and what natural means at Tom's - from natural ingredients to sustainable business practices - go to How we do good everyday at Tom's: We share every ingredient's purpose and source at Questions? 1-800-FOR-TOMS (1-800-367-8667). Certified B Corporation. 10% profits of charity. Certified good guys. Certified 100% recycled paperboard. Sustainable business practices. Cruelty free. Recyclable Tube: Your community may not yet accept tubes for recycling. Check locally. Learn more at Recycle box separately. Thoughtfully blended & packaged in the USA.