Watcharee`S Thai Peanut Sauce 6/9.8 Oz [UNFI #4954]



Vegan. Certified gluten free. Non-GMO Project verified. Classic Thai. Real simple. As a Thai culinary artist, I love sharing traditional Thai flavors with friends and family but, like you, I don't always have the time to make meals from scratch. That's why I created Watcharee's sauces. Each one brings a classic recipe to life and makes fresh, flavorful meals a snap. Peanut sauce has a special place in Thai food culture - from royal cuisine to street food. Enjoy as the spicy sidekick of satay-grilled skewers of meat or fish-or bring a tangy richness to salads, tofu, noodles or wraps. My heritage, your kitchen! Watcharee. Need inspiration? Scan for easy meal ideas or visit Women Owned. Made in Thailand.